Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of installing Galtech Pro?

High quality clean drinking water from every tap in the house

Softer skin and hair (without that slippery feel)

Leaves in necessary and beneficial minerals

Reduces lime scale build-up in plumbing and water appliances

Reduces hard water spots on shower doors and counter tops

Removes chlorine (improving taste and smell)

Does not waste water

Does not use salt

Does not use electricity

Better for you and the environment

No need to buy bottled water

No loss in water pressure

Easy to install and maintain

No monthly maintenance fees

Compact and durable

Is there a loss of water pressure?

No, there is no loss of water pressure.


The patented design of the stainless steel filter uses the filtration and separation technology so that when water passes through it, it separates precipitates encapsulating them in a “precipitate trap” at the bottom of the filter cup using hydrodynamic forces.


This maintains the water pressure despite the fine filtering.  This method is different from others because there is no bacterial growth in the filter, and fresh water never flows through an existing contaminant bed.  In addition, it does not reduce the values of the remaining chlorine.

What does the Galtech Pro remove from the water?








Scale Crystal

Dissolved Particles

Bonded Chlorine

Solid sand contaminants of multiple types

Sand, sediment and non-dissolved particles

All types of water parasites (including water born worms)

*  The Galtech Pro is the only filter that does this while maintaining the quality and correct pH of your water.  All vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium stay in the water.

How does the Galtech Pro clean water?

The Galtech Pro is equipped with a stainless steel mesh sieve two tiered system.  It is made of 316 stainless steel and is coated using the innovative electro-polishing method with the assistance of micro nanotechnology.  An electrical field forms a stainless steel layer that rejects precipitates.


This achieves optimum results, thoroughly and meticulously removing dirt, sediment, sand, rust, precipitates, emulsions, suspensions, turbidity, scale crystals, contaminants, stones, non-dissolved particles, water borne parasites and bonded chlorine.

How does the Galtech Pro soften water?

Traditional water softeners replace the minerals (calcium and magnesium) in the water with sodium ions.  This adds salt to the water, which is bad for you, bad for the pipes, and bad for the environment.  Many water softeners also may need an additional unit to filter the water from the water softener;  this of course will cost you extra.


The Galtech Pro leaves in the calcium and magnesium because they are healthy for you to drink but modifies their crystalline structure so that they do not cause the problems of hard water.  The Opal cartridge is a one of a kind water treatment that softens water, without the use of harmful additives, while still maintaining the quality and correct pH of the water.

Why does the Galtech Pro remove chlorine from water?

Water treatment facilities add chlorine to drinking water to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses.  When chlorine meets organic compounds, the result is organochlorides, which are known to be carcinogenic.  About 80% of the chlorine used to disinfect becomes harmful, bonded chlorine products (carcinogenic).


Galtech Pro removes this chlorine.  The remaining chlorine in the water (20%) ensures that there is no microbial development.

How does the filter reach the cleanliness of a new filter?

Running water through the filter does not clean it.  Brushing the filter cleans it, but causes smearing and penetration of precipitates into the filter, resulting eventually in its clogging.


The only proven solution is our TAP VORTEX patented system, which draws precipitates over the filter surface while the vibration works to separate the precipitates and run them through sharp teeth that grind microscopic contaminants that would otherwise be waterborne to a fine powder.


Cleaning the filter is important for four reasons:

1) Prevention of pressure and flow loss

2) Prevention of increased microbial count

3) Prevention of fresh water passing through an existing contaminant bed

4) Refreshing the Opel Cartridge

What maintenance does the Galtech Pro require?

The stainless steel filter is good for the life of the filter and never needs to be replaced.  The cartridge needs to be replaced every 220 000lt.


To keep the filter working like new, once a month you need to turn the valve on the bottom of the unit and let the water run for one minute.  This will create a cyclone effect inside the unit that cleans out the stainless steel filter and gets rid of any deposits.

What will happen if I forget to replace the cartridge or wash the filter?

You will not damage the filter, but you will notice a change in the taste of your water.  This will remind you that you probably need to wash it out.  If you forget to change the cartridge after 220 000Lt, you may see some white stuff building up on your counters, toilets, or spots on your dishes.  Once you wash out the filter or change the cartridge, you will have the same results as when you first had it installed.

Who can install the filter?

Because of the compact size of our filter, it is perfect for any Home.  The system can easily be installed by any professional plumber.

What does Certification mean?

founded in 1944, their mission is to protect and improve global human health.  Manufacturers, regulators and consumers look to them to develop public health standards and certifications that help protect food, water, consumer products and the environment.  As an independent, accredited organization, they test, audit and certify products and systems as well as provide education and risk management.


The The mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today.  It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies worldwide.


The certification mark on a product means that the product complies with all standard requirements.  periodic unannounced inspections and product testing to verify that the product continues to comply with the standard.

What are the terms and conditions of warranty?

(What does the warranty cover?)  This limited warranty covers all parts of the unit excluding the cartridge.


(What does the warranty not cover?)  It does not cover labour.  Only manufacturing defects are covered.  This warranty does not cover equipment which has been damaged due to accident, misuse, abuse, fire, flood, “Acts of God”, failure to perform maintenance, improper or unauthorised repair or installation, or other contingencies beyond the control of Galtech SA.  This warranty does not cover consequential damages.  This warranty does not cover transportation to and from the dealer or manufacturer to get warranty service, loss of time, loss of use, cost of transportation, or other incidental damages.


(What is the period of coverage?)  This warranty remains in force for five years from the date of initial installation.


(Who is covered?)  This warranty covers the unit at the location of initial installation.  Should the property change ownership, it is still covered for the duration of the warranty period.


(What must you do to keep the warranty in effect?)  Responsibilities of the owner / This warranty is subject to the following:

• The unit is installed by a qualified plumber or approved agent

• The cartridge is replaced every 220 000lt

• Once a month, the valve on the bottom of the unit is turned, allowing the water to run for one minute

• The purchase and installation receipts are kept as proof of purchase and proof of date of installation

• The serial number has not been altered

• The unit or parts thereof are used solely for the purpose intended by the manufacturer


(What will we do to correct the problem?)  We will replace the unit.


(How do you get service?)  Please send an email to with a copy of your receipts and your contact details.

Do we deliver?

We offer free delivery within South Africa.  Deliveries outside South Africa are charged for.