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Concerned with the water problems in Africa, the partners of Galtech South Africa went in search of solutions.  Their goal was to offer top quality, hi-tech, cost effective & low maintenance products that solve the water problems faced by people living in Africa.  Due to massive advances in technology & engineering in recent years, we have been able to source products that meet our strict criteria & the needs of people struggling with issues relating to good quality water.


The Galtech team offers sustainable solutions to the water issues being faced today.  Fresh, clean drinking water is essential in ensuring a healthy population and environment.  The affects of these solutions would be felt immediately and on a daily basis greatly enhancing quality of life.

Central Water Filter System installed at main water inlet

The GALTECH Pro provides you with crystal clear water flowing out of all taps on your property.

UV Light Water Sterilization

breaks down the molecular structure of bacterial DNA rendering the bacteria harmless and unable to reproduce.

Bucket Filtration

Easy Affordable Instant

“If you do not have

a water filter,

you are the filter,”

Dr Joseph Mercola


Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) creates water from air and is an ideal solution for areas where water is scarce.

Under Counter RO Systems

New installations

Replacement Cartridges

Full service

Counter Top Water Filtration

Two Stage Filtration

with Faucet


Water Fountains


At Galtech Industrial clients can work exclusively with a project manager in customizing a system to fit their needs.


Ion Exchange

Water Tanks

Big Blues

Arkel Pre-filtration

Water Pumps

Water Testing

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